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The Kennels
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Exercise...Exercise is a very important part of a dogs day. We therefore offer a varied range of daily exercise for your pets. This includes regular lead walks and runs throughout the day in our all weather paddock which is fully secured by perimeter fencing.

Diet...We use a wide range of premium brand dog meat and biscuits, and as far as possible we will keep your pet on their normal dietary routine. Should you have any special dietary requirements we are happy for you to supply your own food.

Medication...We are happy to administer medication but request that all bottles are fully marked with the required dosage.

Vaccination requirements...For the protection and welfare of all our guests, we cannot and will not accept your pet unless we have seen an up to date vaccination certificate upon arrival. Vaccinations must include... Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Canine Parvovirus.

Kennel cough...Anywhere that dogs congregate it is possible for kennel cough (canine bronchitis) to be passed on. Kennels with a rapid turnover of guests can be particularly susceptible. We ask that all dogs are vaccinated against the disease, and any dogs coughing will not be allowed to board. Please ask your vet for details of the vaccination, it will have to be administered at least 2 weeks before boarding and lasts for a year so is easy to get when your dog has it's annual booster.

Veterinary care...Should it be necessary, veterinary care is available 24 hrs a day during your pets stay. Where possible we would always consult your regular veterinary surgery first.