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The Dog Matters Grooming Salon
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A Typical Groom

When your dog first arrives at the Salon it will be met by our friendly staff. If it is a first visit a full discussion will be held and the necessary paper work completed. This will enable us to give your dog the right treatment and achieve the best result.

The time your dog will stay with us can vary, if it is just a bath it can take around one hour, or if it is a full groom it can take up to three hours depending on the breed of dog.

The following is a guide to what we do:
1) Each dog is assessed for its well being and checked for any lumps and bumps.
2) It is now time for a thorough combing to remove any knots and matts. Pads are cleared, ears are cleaned and plucked if needed.
3) Now the pre-clip, the body is clipped to your requested style. Armpits and groin area are trimmed. Nails and feet are trimmed.
4) Time for a bath, all the shampoos we use are soap free and kind to all dogs, even those with sensitive skins. We have an Australian 'Fido' hydro bath which enables the dog to be bathed efficiently and thoroughly whilst gently massaging the coat.
5) A conditioner is now applied and gently rinsed off.
6) Blast off! excess water is removed from the coat using a blaster.
7) Now its off to the drying table where one of our staff will dry your dog with our top of the range dryer.
8) Finishing. After a short rest, a toilet break and a drink they will be moved to our finishing table where the final clip takes place, and the dogs coat is blended with scissors to achieve the final style.
9) A hypoallergenic scented spray is used to make the finish a little more special.
10) Home time: We do prefer our clients to collect their dogs shortly after they are finished but we do understand that sometimes this is not always possible, fortunately we have kenneling facilites and can move your dog to await your arrival.